Wednesday, January 8, 2014

through the first trimester of school, 2013

As we rolled into the new year and hit Monday this week, resuming schooling, I marked my first anniversary as a homeschooling parent/teacher. I cannot believe a whole year has passed, yet thinking of Lala in her last school feels like eons ago. I have learned so much. I have so much still to learn (we all do, of course), but I feel like I have a tiny bit more confidence, more tricks up my sleeve, and a bit more wisdom about when to push and when to back off.

I am also so grateful for this time with both our kids. While sometimes we could all use more of a break from each other, we are all actually doing better being home together than when they got shuffled off for the day.

Here is our schooling year from when I last posted, through winter break.

Our weather tree. I have a 3rd grader and kindergartener and try to have some overlapping projects that can work for both and be bumped up for Lala. We learned about weather and tracked it daily by adding a noted "leaf" daily to our "tree." 

Our early winter nature table. The Christmas items are now packed away again and the nature bits will begin coming back to the table as the kids collect them. We aren't having much of a winter, though, which is a bit worrisome.

Santa brought Wildcraft, a board game about herbs and cooperation (and new jammies). This was new in 2013 for both kids...a love of board games.

Below, Solstice chalkboard. The verse was "borrowed" from a friend in an online homeschool group and she said she combined it from two. I borrowed her drawing, too, although hers was better and had a sledder.

Above, an ice experiment. We had a cold snap in December than brought a week or so of very, very cold days and nights, at least for our area. Any water that collected outside froze, so this brought lots of exploration. The kids broke the ice one night and poured a pitcher over water over it, wondering if the new water would freeze over the broken ice. It did.

Below, making lip balm and salve for gifts.

Above, planting with their 4H project.
Above, such curiosity and exploration on the day we went to the aquarium. Lala stood talking to the docents for a really long time. They were explaining about what happens to the animals on the rocky shore when the tide goes in and out. Finnian liked that he got to touch things.

And below, a gift making day of crafts with our homeschool charter school.


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