Saturday, December 21, 2013

with light and love

The past two weeks have been challenging. I have had a difficult time being the kind of parent I want to be. We have had bumps almost every day and I am tired. I did get a reprieve (thank you mom and dad!) and refilled my well, so we mostly ready for the bumps that have come since. That said, today's sent me into a bit of a grump again, so I was pleased when our Solstice celebration seemed to be what we all needed. In recent years, we've attended Solstice celebration at a nearby redwood park, but, like last year (when we went anyway), it wasn't being hosted this year, so we decided to stay closer to home. A hike in the redwoods seemed in order, though, so after one at sunset, we had dinner by candle (and Christmas tree) light.

 My kids found sticks. Each pulled one (a plow) and held one out (to steer the horses).


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