Wednesday, August 21, 2013

a little sewing

 Oh, it has been so long since I have sat down to really create anything with my sewing machine. I have really missed it. Homeschooling and the learning curve there has taken a lot of my (significantly reduced) spare time, so my machine has been idle.

Back in May, we took a trip down the coast and while at the hotel, saw a girl a little older than Lala wearing a cute pair of pants. Lala noticed and I said "Hey, I have a pattern to make something similar!" A little while later, we went to the fabric store and I spent a small fortune on her fabric choice.

And then the fabric sat.

Last week, though, the kids did a gymnastics summer camp for 3 hours a day and I got bits and pieces done on various projects, didn't get everything done I had hoped to (and I had realisitcally planned!), but I did get lunch with a friend, a massage(!!!), and some sewing time as part of the mix.

And this is what I made. 

(So, they might look a bit like pajamas, but she loves them and given the price of the fabric, she'll be wearing them as pants!)


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