Saturday, February 9, 2013

right now...

Hello, again. Right now, I am grateful for...

~I am grateful for E, a co-worker of Mike's, who, as a favor, fixed my computer back to its pre-damaged status. After 6 weeks without it, my computer and I are reunited thanks to him.

~The inner space to process the death of my grandmother, who died peacefully a couple weeks ago at 93 years old.

~ Homeschooling, which has already given me the opportunity to re-connect with my daughter, has  taught me so much about my children, and has allowed me to challenge myself, my will power, and  my interests.

~Birthdays...our family has celebrated three this week, including mine. Another year young and feeling good to be alive.

~Family, who has rallied, cared, supported, loved, and communicated through all the changes and losses we have already experienced in 2013.

~Tea. I have been enjoying it a lot, many varieties. My current favorite is Indian Assam tea.

~An actual winter, broken by glorious sunshine and blue skies.

~Good books. Without a computer, I have been reading a lot...quality stuff and chick lit, both equally pleasurable!

~Renewal, the striving for which has already brought me through a lot recently.

I'll be back soon with some tidbits on our homeschooling, for those who have asked me for them. Have a beautiful weekend!  




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