Tuesday, January 1, 2013

hello, 2013

The sunrises keep drawing me in.

Each year, for the past several, I have chosen a single word to guide me through the year. I know many bloggers now do this, and I don't know how it works for them, but for me, it has been incredibly powerful.

In 2010, I had finished a year of great difficulty in my parenting and had a desire to shift how I was feeling and being, so I chose the word calm. Calm is how I wanted to feel when responding to my children. Of course it isn't perfect, but I now try to hold that word in my mind when I respond to them.

In 2011, I welcomed the year pregnant with our third child and I wanted very much to turn inward and care for myself, the baby, and my family. We were also making huge dietary changes for necessary reasons and so I chose the word nourish. We lost that baby and so I held onto nourish in other ways...mindful and soulful self care became very important.

In 2012, with the desire for a third child still strong and unfulfilled, and with struggles (again) with Lala's schooling, I chose the word hope. Again, I clutched that word to me, and even though my reasons for choosing the word gave way into other hopes, I know the power of hope, because there is so much to be grateful for.

As I thought ahead to 2013, I thought I knew what my word would be, however, in November, as Mike and I celebrated our 11th wedding anniversary, we were working through some big things. We did so, lovingly. While on an anniversary overnight in Santa Cruz, we sat at dinner discussing our dreams as we move forward, and as we did, a new word popped into my head. Over dinner, I reminded Mike of my guiding word and asked him if he could choose one word for 2013, what would it be. He responded with the very word that had just popped into my own mind, so I took that as a sign.

For 2013, we are choosing the word renewal.

May 2013 bring a renewed sense of calm, nourishment, hope, light, life, joy, adventure, clarity, direction, love, and peace. Happy new year!


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