Saturday, December 22, 2012

a solstice change

 Below is the tree noted in the sign above.

 The quad above is usually darkened, has a bonfire in the middle, is full of people, and ends with several tables full of crafts.
 A little before we arrived, the tree below fell across the main trail, which in years past has been lined with luminaries after dark. We missed it, but I am glad...the kids would have been scared. No one was hurt.

In the past several years, we have joined the solstice celebration at Muir Woods. The celebration has begun late afternoon with crafting, music, and hot cocoa, and as daylight drops away, the festivities continue and the main forest trail has been lined with lit luminaries. We have gone rain or shine and the party has gone on. This year, though, we learned they were changing the festivities. They would begin earlier and the park would close at 5pm. While our visit was lovely (how can it not be in these surroundings?), it was not the same. Not even close. It was pouring rain, basically deserted, there was no music, no crafts, and they were charging an entrance fee. It felt like a little bit of a let down after such appreciation for years past, but we did enjoy ourselves despite this and that my parents, aunt, and uncle (the latter in town again for Christmas) chose not to join us. My mind is already creating new traditions for the coming years!


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