Sunday, October 21, 2012


We have been participating in Erin Goodman's 10-day Family Re-charge (again!). Last time was actually so helpful for us that we began this one (which has a whole different 10 day set of thoughts, contributors, exercises) in a better place as a family, despite the bumps we are encountering along our path. Reassuring, really.

Here we are, weekending in all our glory. With the exception of all of us being tired for a variety of reasons (and the meltdowns that result from that), we had a fabulous weekend, full, but full of family, creative goodness.

 Finnian making breakfast, wearing pants we pulled out of the "too big clothes" bucket. I had made them for him 1.5 yr ago and had measured incorrectly! (You can see our kitchen still isn't done, won't be for awhile, but Mike has made significant progress on the past couple months. The grey on the cabinets is primer.)

 We cleaned out the chicken coop, sifted the composters, reloaded them, and used some of the sifted compost to replenish the planting beds. Then we planted cool weather veggies and herbs.

 Art wall photo. It is a way I capture all their art (and how much they have grown) before recycling most of it. 

 We had a lot of laughs this weekend. These were unearthed when we tackled the kids' desk and "special drawers" in the dresser.

Below, lots of art making. We moved the little table and chairs into the living room, away from the back deck door while Mike sanded and repainted and sealed around the door. We decided we like it there, so we left it. I like the reclaimed space in the kitchen for now.
 Sunday mornings are family hike/walk/outing. We caught a little fall color. I am not sure we will get much fall color this year. It is always later for us (and less magnificent) than the East Coast (or cooler weather areas), but I think drought really took a toll this year. A lot of our home chores this weekend were in preparation for much-needed rain we are expecting tonight and the next couple days.

 And we decorated for Halloween. Halloween is Mike's "thing." He loves it. I love that our decorations are often junk reinvented.


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