Monday, November 30, 2009

a week of homemade:: gifts completed and a GIVE-AWAY

i've shared my grandmother's cranberry relish recipe in my latest examiner article. this is a must have holiday recipe.

also, for those of you interested, is offering 30% off calendars today. simply click this link and it will take you to the nature calendar i have created for 2010. it is available in two sizes. for the discount, use the code CYBERSTUDIO at checkout.

as we start this first week of december, leading up to the gift-giving winter holidays, and following black friday, i thought it might be nice to do a week of homemade. so this post kicks of several days of homemade goodness. chime in! i'd love to know what you are all up to!

we have a couple toddler birthdays and st. nicholas day to celebrate prior to the holidays, so i have been working on a lot of homemade items for the kids.

first, the gremlin, completed. i was thinking it would be for finn's birthday, but now i am thinking maybe from st. nick. i like how lopsided he is. his eyes are stitches, rather than buttons, because finn is turning 2 and still putting things in his mouth. oh, and i gave him shoes. my two little people are a bit shoe obsessed. (inspired by a tutorial from lisa of 5 orange potatoes.)

and out of the same sweater, i battled my "the come back of 80s fashion is horrid" feelings and made some leg warmers (like baby legs for kids!) for lala, simply because i think she'll love them. these will also be from st. nick. (no pattern used here. i simply snipped them to an even length, did a fold-over stitch at the top, but threaded ribbon through to tighten the top slightly. elastic might be better, but i opted for ribbon that lala could tighten or loosen.)

crayon rolls. i made two identical rolls that will be part of a bigger gift i am making for the kids for christmas. (pattern from skip to my lou.)

i made more velcro snack sacks, this time for my kids, with fabrics requested by lala, received in a give-away from lala...a mountain mama. (yes, laura's nickname is lala, too!)

last, but not least, i made some fill-in-the blank thank you notes for lala to send after the holidays. i got the idea last year from this vintage chica. she might even have a download from her blog.

and as for the give-away? last week, i learned how to use some of mike's shop tools when i was inspired to make a natural wood crayon caddy. in fact, i made a whole family of them. three went to sweet friends of ours as belated birthday gifts. two will join the gremlin and leg warmers, above, as gifts to my kids from st. nicholas. but there is one left, a gift for one of you.

to enter to win the natural crayon caddy, please leave a comment on this post. for additional entries, you may announce this give-away on your blog and comment again with that link and you may also announce this give-away on any parent groups/forums you are part of and comment again with the link. (or, if you can't link back, just comment and tell us about it!) make sure to leave your email address or blog URL so i can be in touch with you if you win!

i will close comments and choose a winner using on friday, december 4, at 8pm PT. good luck and have fun with homemade this week!


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